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-Upcoming Show Schedule:
Mon Aug 1 - Bobby Mckeys, National Harbor MD (8-midnight)
Tues Aug 2 - Bobby Mckeys, National Harbor MD (8-midnight)
Wed Aug 3 - Bobby Mckeys, National Harbor MD (8-midnight)
Thurs Aug 4 - Bobby Mckeys, National Harbor MD (7-midnight)
Fri Aug 5 - Bobby Mckeys, National Harbor MD (8-midnight)
Sat Aug 6 - Private Dueling in LKN
Sun Aug 7 - Tropicana ‘Sunday Funday’ (6-9pm)
Aug 8-15 - Private Shows (Boston, Maine)
Wed Aug 17 - Bobby Mckeys, National Harbor MD (7-midnight)
Thurs Aug 18 - Bobby Mckeys, National Harbor MD (7-midnight)
Fri Aug 19 - Bobby Mckeys, National Harbor MD (7-midnight)
Sat Aug 20 - Bobby Mckeys, National Harbor MD (7-midnight)
Sun Aug 21 - Tropicana ‘Sunday Funday’ (6-9pm)
Mon Aug 22 - Bobby Mckeys, National Harbor MD (7-midnight)
Tues Aug 23 - Bobby Mckeys, National Harbor MD (7-midnight)
Wed Aug 24 - JohnKing, Charleston SC (8-1am)
Thurs Aug 25 - JohnKing, Charleston SC (8-1am)
Fri Aug 26 - JohnKing, Charleston SC (8-1am)
Sat Aug 27 - JohnKing, Charleston SC (8-1am)
Sun Aug 28 - Tropicana ‘Sunday Funday’ (6-9pm)
Mon Aug 29 - Ocean Annies, Myrtle Beach SC (1-5pm)
Tues Aug 30 - Ocean Annies, Myrtle Beach SC (1-5pm)
Wed Aug 31 - Apps & Taps in LKN (7pm)

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Dave Haywood grew up in Wayne New Jersey, 20 miles outside of Manhattan. His 2 older brothers had a basement studio where teenage Dave learned his way around multiple instruments and experimented with songwriting and recording. In the 90s, he began performing in the NYC club circuit at legendary venues like The Bottom Line and the Cafe Wha?. In 1997, he performed the first of many appearances with Les Paul at the Iridium Jazz Club while establishing a reputation as a coveted session player in the tri-state area. His work on a few of those recordings led to several European tours in the following years. In 2001, Dave moved to the Jersey shore and quickly established himself as the top guitarist/vocalist entertainer at marquee clubs up and down the shoreline. His aggressive, 'take no prisoners' performance style caught the attention of Jon Bon Jovi who jumped onstage with Dave for an impromptu jam. This led to many public and private shows with and for the Bongiovani family and their Jersey shore friends. He moved to the South Florida music scene in 2005 initially contracted to work the Miami/Lauderdale/Palm Beach circuit but wound up touring the southern US, the Caribbean islands and South America. Following a 2009 performance at the Spectrum Arena, he relocated his family to Charlotte, NC where he met John 'Woody' Woodward. The two began performing as an acoustic duo and also formed a club/corporate/wedding band named The Fifth Divine. Dave also began performing regularly as a dueling pianist at the 2 biggest piano clubs in the country; Bobby Mckeys in DC and PLUS in Raleigh, NC. He currently averages 300 performances a year showcasing guitar and piano performances throughout the Carolinas, the DC area and up to NYC.‘Dave slings a bad ass guitar.’ - Billy Gibbons
‘Funky blues guitar and a great voice.’ - Jon Bon Jovi
‘Mr. and Mrs. Haywood, your son is absolutely incredible!’ - Alec Baldwin
‘An honor to perform with.’ - Ian Gillan (
‘Dave brings the awesome guitar and vocals.’ - Steve Miller
‘This kid plays his ass off!’ - Les Paul

Dave & Woody

For over a decade, Dave & Woody have been providing Charlotte NC with top quality event entertainment. They have amassed citywide popularity as a diverse acoustic duo through years of hard work and solid performances that offer spontaneity and lack of repetition; striving to make every show different and unique. Perhaps their most defining trait is making a personal connection with their audience. Utilizing a close network of local musicians, they can evolve into a trio, a dueling piano show and even a full on 6 piece wedding band catering to individual needs and budget. Local clients include the Carolina Panthers, Nascar, Spectrum Arena, Bank Of America, Duke Energy, Griffin Brothers to name a few.